Catalogue (MKM Models)

List of MARK I Models in 1:144th scale:

MKM14401 MiG-19S Farmer C ‘Warsaw Pact’  SOLD OUT
MKM14402 Shenyang J-6/F-6 Farmer C  SOLD OUT
MKM14403 Wessex HAS.1/HAS.31A  
MKM14404 Wessex HAS.3/HAS.31B  
MKM14405 MiG-19PM Farmer D  SOLD OUT
MKM14406 L-39ZO/ZA/ART Albatros  
MKM14407 Su-7BM Fitter A SOLD OUT
MKM14408 MiG-19P Farmer B ‘Czechoslovak AF’ SOLD OUT
MKM14409 MiG-19P Farmer B ‘Worldwide Service’ SOLD OUT
MKM14410 MiG-17PF/PFU Fresco D/E ‘All-weather Fighter’  
MKM14411 Shenyang J-6A/Nanchang J-6B Farmer B/D ‘Chinese Dragon’ SOLD OUT
MKM14412 L-39C/ZO Albatros ‘In USAF,USN & USMC Colours’  
MKM14413 Shenyang FT-6 ‘Supersonic Trainer’  
MKM14414 L-39V Albatros + KT-04 ‘Target-tug’  
MKM14415 Bf 109G-1/2 ‘Fighter Aces’ (2in1) SOLD OUT
MKM14416 Bf 109G-4 ‘Gustav 4’ (2in1) SOLD OUT
MKM14417 Bf 109G-5/6 ‘Versatile Fighter’ (2in1) SOLD OUT
MKM14418 Shenyang J-6C/F-6C Farmer C SOLD OUT
MKM14419 He 219A-2 ‘Night Hunter’  
MKM14420 Fw 190A-6/7 ‘Famous Pilots’ (2in1) SOLD OUT
MKM14421 Fw 190A-8/9 ‘Defence Fighter’ (2in1) SOLD OUT
MKM14422 Fw 190F-8 ‘Fighter-Bomber’ (2in1) SOLD OUT
MKM14423 Wessex HC.2/HAR.2 ‘RAF Workhorse’  
MKM14424 Wessex HU.5/5C ‘Versatile Helicopter’  
MKM14425 He 219A-5 ‘Night Owl’  
MKM14426 Wessex Commando Mk.1 ‘Assault Helicopter’  
MKM14427 He 219A-7 ‘Night Fighter’  
MKM14428 Wessex ‘Special Schemes’  
MKM14429 L-29 Delfin ‘WarPac Trainer’ (2in1)  
MKM14430 L-29 Delfin ‘Foreign Users’ (2in1)  
MKM14431 L-29R/RS Oko ‘Recce Delfin’  
MKM14432 L-29A Akrobat and Special schemes  
MKM14433 MiG-19S Farmer C ‘Czechoslovak AF’ SOLD OUT
MKM14434 Beaufighter Mk.IF ‘Night Fighter’  
MKM14435 Beaufighter Mk.IC ‘Coastal Patrol’ SOLD OUT
MKM14436 Beaufighter Mk.VI ‘Formidable Fighter’ SOLD OUT
MKM14437 Fw Ta 152H-0 ‘Reich Defender’ (2in1)  
MKM14438 Fw Ta 152H-1 ‘High-altitude Fighter’ (2in1)  
MKM14439 L-39ZA/L-139 Albatros 2000 ‘Light Attack’  
MKM14440 MiG-19S ‘Aerobatic Schemes’ (4in1) SOLD OUT
MKM14441 L-39MS/L-59 ‘Super Albatros’  
MKM14442 Wessex HC.2 ‘No.28 Sq. in HK’ SOLD OUT
MKM14443 Fw Ta 152H ‘Special Schemes’  
MKM14444 F2A-1 Buffalo/B-239 ‘Early Versions’ (2in1)  
MKM14445 F2A-2 Buffalo/B-339B/D ‘US & Belgian Colours’ (2in1)  
MKM14446 Buffalo Mk.I/B-339D ‘Far East Service’ (2in1)  
MKM14447 Beaufighter Mk.VI Late ‘Dihedral Tailplane’  
MKM14448 Beaufighter Mk.VIC (ITF) & TF Mk.X ‘Torpedo Fighter’ SOLD OUT
MKM14449 He 219A-0/LB-79 ‘Flying Laboratory’  
MKM14450 Beaufighter Mk.IF/VIF ‘No.68 Sq. RAF’  
MKM14451 Beaufighter Mk.X/XI/21 ‘RAAF Service’  
MKM14452 Gladiator Mk.I ‘Last Biplane Fighter’  
MKM14453 Gladiator Mk.II ‘Gallant Warrior’  
MKM14454 Gladiator Mk.I/II/J 8 ‘Foreign Service’  
MKM14455 Gloster Sea Gladiator ‘Malta Defender’  
MKM14456 Gladiator Mk.II & Brewster B-239 ‘In Finnish Air Force’ (double kit)  
MKM14457 Gladiator & Beaufighter ‘African Campaign’ (double kit)  
MKM14458 MiG-19P ‘Interceptor Flights’ (3in1) SOLD OUT
MKM14459 Ar 96B ‘Ubiquitous Trainer’ (2in1) SOLD OUT
MKM14460 Avia/Letov C-2/Ar 96B ‘Silver Livery’ (2in1) SOLD OUT
MKM14461 Ar 96B ‘Military Trainer’ (2in1) SOLD OUT
MKM14462 Do 17Z-2/3 ‘Western Front’  
MKM14463 Do 17Z-2/3 ‘Eastern Front’  
MKM14464 Do 17Z-2 ‘Balkan Operations’  
MKM14465 Curtiss P-36 Hawk ‘USAAC’ (2in1)  
MKM14466 Curtiss H-75/Mohawk Mk.III ‘French & British Fighter’ (2in1)  
MKM14467 Curtiss H-75 ‘Foreign Pilots’ (2in1)  
MKM14468 Vampire FB.5 ‘Commonwealth Service’ (2in1)  
MKM14469 Vampire FB.5 ‘Europe & North Africa’ (2in1)  
MKM14470 Vampire FB.5/J 28B ‘In the North’ (2in1)  
MKM14471 Do 17Z-2/3 ‘In Finland’  
MKM14472 Bf 109G-10 ‘Late Gustav’ (2in1) SOLD OUT
MKM14473 Bf 109G-10/Avia C-10 ‘Vigorous Fighter’ (2in1) SOLD OUT
MKM14474 Bf 109K-4 ‘Kurfürst’ (2in1) SOLD OUT
MKM14475 Curtiss H-75A ‘Ilmavoimat’  
MKM14479 Hunter F.6A/FGA.9 ‘Elegant Fighter’ (2in1) SOLD OUT
MKM14480 Hunter FR.10/71A/FGA.73A ‘Recce’ (2in1) SOLD OUT
MKM14481 Hunter T.7 ‘Two-seat Trainer’ SOLD OUT
MKM14482 Hunter T.8 ‘Naval Trainer’ SOLD OUT
MKM14483 Mosquito B.IV ‘Wooden Bomber’  
MKM14484 Mosquito B.IV/PR.IV ‘Swift Warrior’  
MKM14485 Mosquito B.VII/B.XX/F-8 ‘Canadian Mossie’  
MKM14486 Harrier GR.1A/AV-8A/C ‘First Generation’  
MKM14487 Harrier GR.1/VA.1 Matador  
MKM14488 Harrier GR.3 ‘Laser Nose’  
MKM14489 Spitfire XIV Bubbletop ‘In Europe’ (2in1)  
MKM14490 Spitfire XIV Bubbletop ‘Far East Service’ (2in1)  
MKM14491 Spitfire XVIII ‘Mighty Eighteen’ (2in1)  
MKM14492 Mirage IIIC ‘Delta-wing Fighter’  
MKM14493 Mirage IIICJ/CZ ‘Mach 2 Warrior’  
MKM14494 Mosquito PR.IV/B.IV ‘Special Liveries’  
MKM14495 L-13 Blaník ‘Military Service’ (2in1)  
MKM14496 L-13 Blaník ‘Aeroclub Workhorse’ (2in1)  
MKM14497 Vampire F.3 ‘Jet Fighter’ (2in1)  
MKM14498 Vampire FB.9 ‘Tropical Fighter-Bomber’ (2in1)  
MKM14499 Harrier GR.3 ‘Operation Corporate’  
MKM144100 Tempest Mk.V ‘Le grand cirque’ (Clostermann)  TBA
MKM144101 Mirage IIIE/EE/RS/5BA ‘In Europe’  
MKM144102 Mirage IIIO/EP/RZ/5AD ‘Worldwide Service’  
MKM144104 F-104A/C/G ‘Starfighter At War’ (2in1) SOLD OUT
MKM144105 F-104B/C/CF-104/D ‘American Starfighters’ (2in1) SOLD OUT
MKM144106 F-104J/DJ/UF-104J Starfighter ‘Eiko In Japan’ (2in1) SOLD OUT
MKM144107 F-104G Starfighter ‘In Europe’ (2in1) SOLD OUT
MKM144108 F-104F/CF-104D/TF-104G ‘Mach 2 Trainer’ (2in1)  
MKM144109 Tempest Mk.V Srs.1/2 + V1 ‘Doodlebug Chaser’ (2in1 + resin) TBA
MKM144110 Tempest Mk.V Srs.2 ‘Fierce Fighter’ (2in1) TBA
MKM144111 Tempest Mk.V/TT.5 ‘In final roles’ (2in1) TBA
MKM144115 Me 262A/S-92 ‘Interceptor’ (2in1)  
MKM144116 Me 262A ‘Jet Fighter/Bomber’ (2in1)  SOLD OUT
MKM144117 Me 262B ‘Night Fighter’ (2in1)  
MKM144118 Me 262B/CS-92 ‘Jet Trainer’ (2in1)  
MKM144120 HS.748 Andover Military ‘Europe’  
MKM144121 HS.748 Andover Military ‘Asia & Australia’  
MKM144122 HS.748/BAe.748 ‘Civil Livery’  SOLD OUT
MKM144127 Fiat G.50 ‘Initial Series’ (2in1) NEW
MKM144128 Fiat G.50/50bis ‘Italian Arrow’ (2in1) NEW
MKM144129 Fiat G.50bis ‘In Africa’ (2in1) NEW
MKM144130 HS.748/HAL-748 ‘VIP Service’  
MKM144131 HS.748 ‘The Budgie’  
MKM144135 Sea Venom FAW.21/22/ECM.21 ‘Home Fleet’ (2in1) NEW 7/2021
MKM144136 Sea Venom FAW.22/53/TT.53 ‘Far East & Australia’ (2in1) NEW 7/2021
MKM144137 Sea Venom FAW.21/22 ‘In Combat Operations’ (2in1) NEW 7/2021
MKM144138 Tempest Mk.VI ‘RAF’s last piston-engined fighter’ TBA



List of MARK I Models in 1:720th scale:

MKM720-01 Zeppelin LZ38/LZ40 ‘First Attackers’  
MKM720-02 Zeppelin LZ47 ‘Spotted Cow’  
MKM720-03 Zeppelin LZ45/LZ58 ‘Naval Raiders’  
MKM720-04 Zeppelin P & Q-class ‘Night Intruders’ (2in1)  
MKM720-05 Zeppelin LZ127 ‘Graf Zeppelin’  
MKM720-06 Zeppelin R-class ‘Großkampf-Typ’  
MKM720-07 Zeppelin R-class ‘Super-Zeppelin’  
MKM720-08 R33/R34 (AW R33/Beardmore R34) ‘Transatlantic Flyer’  
MKM720-09 K-type Blimp (K-3/6/28) ‘Early Production’  
MKM720-10 K-type Blimp (K-74/112/134) ‘Fleet Defender’  
MKM720-11 K-type Blimp (K-19/43/125) ‘Special Markings’