Catalogue (MARK I Accessories)

MARK I Accessories in 1:144th scale:

Airfield Display Bases in 1:144th scale

MKA14401 RAF Base (rectangular concrete panels)  
MKA14402 WWII Luftwaffe Base – large (square concrete panels) SOLD OUT
MKA14403 RAF Taxiway (tarmac and concrete panels)  
MKA14404 Soviet Base (hexagonal concrete plates)  
MKA14405 Warsaw Pact Base (rectangular concrete panels)  
MKA14406 Helicopter Flight Deck  
MKA14407 Grassy Surface  
MKA14408 Soviet Base (rectangular concrete panels)  
MKA14409 RN Helicopter Base  
MKA14410 RAF Base (square concrete panels)  
MKA14411 WWII Luftwaffe Base – small (square concrete panels)


Detailing Sets in 1:144th scale

MKA14412 L-29 Delfin Detailing Set SOLD OUT
MKA14413 L-29 Delfin Canopy Mask SOLD OUT
MKA14414 L-29 Delfin Weapon Set (resin parts)  
MKA14415 L-29 Delfin Vacu Canopy Set (vacu canopy + mask)  
MKA14416 L-39 Albatros Detailing Set SOLD OUT
MKA14417 L-39 Albatros Canopy Set SOLD OUT
MKA14418 MiG-19 Detailing Set SOLD OUT
MKA14419 MiG-19 Canopy Mask (for injection-moulded canopy)  
MKA14420 L-13 Blaník vacu canopy (2 pcs), for MKM  
MKA14421 F-104 Weapon Set (resin parts), for MKM  
MKA14422 Harrier GR.1/3/AV-8A/C Detailing and Weapon Set (resin parts), for MKM  
MKA14423 Me 262A Conv. & Weapon Set (Me 262A-1/U3, incl. decals & Me 262A-1a/Jabo/A-2a)  
MKA14424 Civil airport base – 1 pc (rectangular concrete panels)  
MKA14425 Civil airport extendible display base – 4 pcs (rectangular concrete panels) SOLD OUT
MKA14426 Sea Venom Weapon Set (resin parts & decals), for MKM  
MKA14427 Venom NF.3 Conv. Set, for MKM


MARK I Accessories in 1:72nd scale:

Airfield Display Bases in 1:72nd scale

MKA7201 RAF Base, rectangular concrete panels SOLD OUT
MKA7202 WWII Luftwaffe Base – square concrete panels SOLD OUT
MKA7203 USN Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck – modern SOLD OUT
MKA7204 Soviet Base, hexagonal concrete plates SOLD OUT
MKA7205 Warsaw Pact Base, rectangular concrete panels SOLD OUT
MKA7206 Helicopter Flight Deck SOLD OUT
MKA7207 Grassy Surface SOLD OUT
MKA7208 RN Helicopter Base SOLD OUT


Detailing Sets in 1:72nd scale

MKA7209 Swift Vacu Canopy (2 pcs), for Airfix  
MKA7210 Attacker Vacu Canopy (2 different types), for AZM  
MKA7211 Wyvern Vacu Canopy (2 pcs), for Trumpeter  
MKA7212 Vampire F/FB Vacu Canopy (2 pcs)  
MKA7213 Tempest Vacu Canopy (2 pcs), for AZM (Mk.II/V/VI) and Airfix (Mk.V)