[MKM144159] Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 ‘Commonwealth Service’



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Colour schemes included in the kit:

A: Hawker Sea Fury FB Mk.11, WG596/144-T, No.898 NAS, Fleet Air Arm, HMS Theseus, during Exercise ‘Grand Slam‘, the Mediterranean Sea, February/March 1952

B: Hawker Sea Fury FB Mk.11, VH589/115-NW, No.724 NAS, Royal Australian Navy, RANAS Nowra (HMAS Albatross), New South Wales, Australia, 1958-60

C: Hawker Sea Fury FB Mk.11, WG567/133, VF871, Royal Canadian Navy, HMCS Magnificent, Canada, mid-1950s

D. Hawker Sea Fury FB Mk.60, L953(WE740)/7, No.9 ‘Griffinsʼ Sq., Royal Pakistan Air Force (Pakistan Fiza’ya), Peshawar Air Base, Pakistan, early 1950s


Assembly instructions:

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