Welcome to the MARK I Modellerʼs Boutique

The 4+ / MARK I / CMR website was originally conceived as an informative website, without any e-shopping. However, by recent popular demand and to facilitate fast e-orders of our products over the Internet, we have arranged, in co-operation with our companion firm Miniwing, the possibility of buying our models and decals on-line, using their websiteʼs means of trusty e-commerce.

If you are interested in purchasing our products, please go to Miniwingʼs e-shop using this link:

or, you can also use appropriate links located on our website within particular model/product item.

Note: by using the Miniwingʼs website e-shop for ordering our products, you will enter a purchase agreement with Miniwing firm and accept their trading and delivery terms, payment conditions and handling complaints. MARK I Ltd. does not take part in/is not responsible for any commercial actions undertaken by the seller. All queries connected with the purchase of our products through Miniwingʼs e-shop should be conveyed via contacts stated on their website at Info section.

Bulk purchases or any other/special orders which cannot be performed by Miniwing themselves, should be directed to MARK I Ltd. e-mails: or

Thank you for your interest in our products.