[MKM144062] Dornier Do 17Z-2/3 ‘Western Front’


This injection-moulded kit contains 64 parts and eleven clear parts (the cockpit canopies, rear ventral gunner’s window etc.). A comprehensive decal sheet is included.


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The Do 17 was a German light bomber, designed in the early 1930s. It was originally intended as a fast six-passenger mail plane and its V1 prototype flew in November 1934. Following tests and design improvements in-line and radial engine powered aircraft were evolved, represented by the Do 17E/F and Do 17K/M/P, respectively. The most recognised and mass-produced variant was the Do 17Z series, with the Z-2 bombers and Z-3 long-range reconnaissance planes. Due to its fuselage outline it was dubbed the ‘Flying Pencil’.

The Do 17 was a four-seat, all-metal monoplane powered by two Bramo Fafnir radial engines. It had a shoulder wing configuration and twin tail fins. Its long thin fuselage was fitted with a stepped cockpit and a glazed nose. Its bombload was 1,000 kg and it was fitted with six machine guns. The Z-3 variant had reduced bombload, while carrying two recce cameras.

Do 17Zs were produced by four factories and in total some 880 aircraft were built.

The Do 17 was used throughout the war, and saw action in significant numbers in every major European campaign theatre as a front line aircraft until the end of 1941. The last airworthy operated aircraft being used by the Finnish Air Force were eventually scrapped 1952.


Colour schemes included in the kit:

1) Dornier Do 17Z-2, 3Z+AK, Red A, 2./KG 77, Luftwaffe, Werl airfield, Germany, spring 1940

2) Dornier Do 17Z-2, 5K+EA, Black E, Stab/KG 3 ‘Blitz’, Luftwaffe, Le Culot airfield, Belgium, summer 1940

3) Dornier Do 17Z-2, F1+AL, Yellow A, 3./KG 76, Luftwaffe, France, 1940

4) Dornier Do 17Z-3 (U5+BD, ex-Stab III./KG 3 a/c, W.Nr. 312), Swiss Air Force (Schweizerische Flugwaffe), Dübendorf airfield, April 1940


Assembly instructions:

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