[MKM144014] Aero L-39V Albatros ‘Target-Tug’ + Letov KT-04 drone


This injection-moulded kit contains 35 parts, one clear part (the cockpit canopy), 5 resin parts and a special modelling tread representing the turget-tug cable. A comprehensive decal sheet is included.


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The L-39 Albatros, a high-performance second-generation jet trainer, was developed by the Aero Vodochody aircraft company in Czechoslovakia during the 1960s. It is a two-seat, all-metal monoplane powered by an Ivchenko AI-25 turbofan engine. Becoming the most widely used jet trainer, until today about 2,800 L-39s have served with more than thirty air forces around the world.

The L-39V was a dedicated target tug version for dragging a Letov KT-04 aerial drone introduced to air forces of Czechoslovakia and the former East Germany. Until 2002 this drone was also utilised by Slovak Air Force.


Colour schemes included in the kit:

1) Aero L-39V Albatros, Black 0735, KT-04 drone, Black 12-10, 2nd Training Regiment, VVLŠ SNP Military Air Training Establishment, Czechoslovak Air Force (vojenské letectvo ČSLA), Košice Air Base, 1980s

2) Aero L-39V Albatros, White 0745, KT-04 drone, Black 05-20, Slovak Air Force (Vzdušné sily ozbrojených síl Slovenskej republiky), Poprad Airport, September 2002

3) Aero L-39V Albatros, Black 170, KT-04 drone, Black 09-06, ZDK-33 unit (Zieldarstellungskette), East German Air Force (LSK/LV DDR – Luftstreitkräfte und Luftverteidigung der DDR), Peenemünde Air Base, spring 1990

4) Aero L-39V Albatros, Black 28 49, Luftwaffe, Rothenburg/Görlitz Airport, July 1991


Assembly instructions:

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