[4+017] MiG-19 & 19S Farmer A & C Day Interceptor & Two-seat variants



The book is soft bound, with a saddle stitched spine binding; actual size 11¾in x 8¼in (297 x 210 mm); it has 36 pages, 114 b&w  and 28 colour photos and 3 ½  pages of monochrome camouflage profiles (15 machines depicted). The book describes the type history and technical aspects of the aeroplane, completed with a production overview. Camouflage and armament & equipment descriptions, detailed 1/72 scale plans, exterior and interior drawings, various sketches and a pull-out poster are also included.

  • Authors: Ivo Pavlovský, Michal Ovčáčík, and Karel Susa
  • ISBN: 80-900708-8-4


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The MiG-19 was the first Soviet supersonic fighter of the 1960s which took the then Soviet Air Force into the world of radar and missiles. The aircraft were also built under licence in China and Czechoslovakia and except the local air force it served in WarPac countires, Albania, Bangladesh, Egypt, North Vietnam and Pakistan.