[4+026] Messerschmitt Me 262B Two-seat variants


The book is soft bound, with a square spine binding; actual size 11¾in x 8¼in (297 x 210 mm); it has 80 pages, 69 b&w and 10 colour photos in the main text, 4 pages of full colour profiles (14 machines depicted), 43 photos (40 in colour, 3 b&w) in the photographic section, with exterior and interior details and equipment description.

  • Author: Malcolm V. Lowe
  • ISBN: 978-80-86637-08-2


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[MKM144117] Messerschmitt Me 262B ‘Night Fighter’

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This publication describes the history and development of the training and night-fighter variants of the Me 262, one of the ultimate and finest German jet fighters of WWII. It brings to the reader the most up-to-date information and research available, including operational and post-war history (including service and tests in Czechoslovakia, and in Great Britain, the U.S.A. and Soviet Union, respectively), a technical description and camouflage and markings details. A comprehensive set of 1/72nd scale drawings, colour profiles and a photographic section are included.