[MKA14421] F-104 Starfighter Weapon Set

The set contains resin parts and external stores for 1:144th scale models of the F-104 Starfighter. Comprehensive instructions with stores diagrams are included.

This accessory set was designed to be used with the following 1/144th scale MARK I Models:

[MKM144104] F-104A/C/G ‘Starfighter At War’

[MKM144105] F-104B/C/D/CF ‘American Starfighters’

[MKM144106] F-104J/DJ Starfighter ‘Eiko In Japan’

[MKM144107] F-104G Starfighter ‘In Europe’

[MKM144108] F-104B/D/F/TF ‘Mach 2 Trainer’


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The following pieces of armament, incl. reconnaissance and rocket pods and pylons, are represented:

  • Mk.28 (B-28) A-bomb (1 pc)
  • Orpheus recce pod (1 pc)
  • SUU-21 bomb dispenser (1 pc)
  • Mk.83 1000lb bomb (2 pcs)
  • Mk.82 500lb bomb (2 pcs)
  • BL755 bomb (2 pcs)
  • AS-34 Kormoran (2 pcs)
  • pylon for AS-34 (2 pcs)
  • LAU-3A rocket pod (2 pcs)