[MKA14419] MiG-19 Canopy Mask


This accessory set was designed to be used with the following MARK I Models:

[MKM144001] MiG-19S Farmer C ‘Warsaw Pact’

[MKM144002] Shenyang J-6/F-6 Farmer C

[MKM144005] MiG-19PM Farmer D

[MKM144008L] MiG-19P Farmer B ‘Czechoslovak AF’

[MKM144009L] MiG-19P Farmer B ‘Worldwide Service’

[MKM144011L] Shenyang J-6A/Nanchang J-6B Farmer B/D ‘Chinese Dragon’

[MKM144018L] Shenyang J-6C/F-6C Farmer C

[MKM144033L] MiG-19S Farmer C ‘Czechoslovak AF’


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This set includes a canopy mask, which is to be used for injection-moulded canopy.