[4+016] Westland Wyvern


The book is soft bound, with a saddle stitched spine binding; actual size 11¾in x 8¼in (297 x 210 mm); it has 36 pages (4 pages in colour, large-format sheet of original 1/72 line drawings), 86 b&w  and 32 colour photos and 3 pages of monochrome camouflage profiles (9 machines depicted). The book describes the type history and technical aspects of the aeroplane, completed with a production overview. Camouflage and armament & equipment descriptions, detailed 1/72 scale plans (on the fold-out sheet), exterior and interior drawings, various sketches and a pull-out poster are also included.

  • Authors: Michal Ovčáčík and Karel Susa
  • ISBN: 80-902559-9-X


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The Fleet Air Arm’s first turboprop fighter and strike aircraft was at the forefront of technology for its time. It saw combat during the Suez campaign in 1956.