[4+018] Douglas DC-2


The book has square spine binding. It has 84 pages and comprises the technical description, colour and marking chapters and complete production list and overview. Eight pages are fully devoted to colour profiles, while nine monochromatic colour profiles are placed in the main text. Large-format sheet of original 1/72 line drawings and a pull-out poster are included. A separate photographic section covers the cabin interior, baggage compartment, cargo cabin, undercarriage and flap details, tail surface and engine differences etc. In total, 126 photos (incl. 4 colour) are included in the book.

  • Authors: Stan Dudek, Michal Ovčáčík and Karel Susa
  • ISBN: 80-902559-8-1


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In the mid-1930s the Douglas DC-2 opened a new chapter in modern-era air transport. Although its military versions did not reach widespread service, compared to that of civil aeroplanes, they successfully served with the US Army Air Corps before the outbreak of WWII and also during the war. The Douglas C-33/39s were primarily used for cargo transport, but could also be equipped to carry personnel or wounded soldiers. A comprehensive 4+ monograph describes not only the civil DC-2s, but also gives account of the military C-33 and C-39s.