New injection-moulded models already released in October 2023:

MKM144171L Vampire FB.5/9 ‘Special Schemes’ (bagged) NEW
MKM144173L Sikorsky H-34 ‘Special Service’ (bagged) NEW
MKM144139 DHC-6 Twin Otter ‘In America’ NEW
MKM144140 DHC-6 Twin Otter ‘Worldwide Military Service’ NEW
MKM144141 DHC-6 ‘Twotter’ NEW
MKM144142 DHC-6 Twin Otter ‘In Civilian Skies’ NEW
MKM144143 DHC-6 Twin Otter ‘Holiday Season’ NEW


New injection-moulded model released in July 2023:

MKM144170L Dornier Do 17Z ‘Battle of Britain’ (bagged) NEW


New injection-moulded models released in May 2023:

MKM144122L HS.748/BAe.748 ‘Civil Livery’ (bagged) RE-RELEASE
MKM144168L Mirage IIIRS/IIIEBR/5BA/50C ‘Canards’ NEW
MKM144169L Wessex HU.5 ‘In Commando Role’ NEW


New injection-moulded models released in March 2023:

MKM144123 DH Mosquito NF/F/PR.II ‘Intruder’ IN STOCK
MKM144125 DH Mosquito FB.VI ‘Commonwealth Service’ IN STOCK
MKM144158 Hawker Sea Fury F.X/FB.11 ‘Early Colour Schemes’ (2in1) IN STOCK
MKM144159 Hawker Sea Fury FB.11’Commonwealth Service’ (2in1) IN STOCK
MKM144160 Hawker Sea Fury FB.11/F.1 ‘Mediterranean & Middle East’ (2in1) IN STOCK
MKM144161 Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 ‘Far East’ (2in1) IN STOCK
MKM144164L Hawker Sea Fury ‘Special Schemes’ (bagged) IN STOCK


New injection-moulded models released in December 2022:

MKM144145 Sikorsky H-34 ‘US & Canadian Service’ IN STOCK
MKM144146 Sikorsky H-34 ‘In Europe’ IN STOCK
MKM144147 Sikorsky H-34 ‘Around the World’ IN STOCK
MKM144148 Sikorsky H-34 ‘In Combat’ IN STOCK
MKM144163L Sikorsky S-58 ‘Japan Coast Guard’ (bagged) IN STOCK

NOTE: this is a new tool model, not the Westland Wessex re-boxed, despite its external resemblance to Sikorsky S-58 Choctaw/Seabat/Seahorse.