[MKD72001] Ilyushin Il-10 C&M + 1/72 decals


The publication has 28 pages; it includes a total of 47 overall and detailed photographs, 12 pages of colour camouflage schemes and their description. Text in English. A comprehensive decal sheet is added for modellers’ convenience. The following aircraft are depicted on the decal sheet: Soviet Air Force (3x), Czechoslovak Air Force (3x), Polish Air Force (1x), Hungarian Air Force (1x), Romanian Air Force (1x), Bulgarian Army Air Force (1x), Chinese Air Force (1x) and North Korean Air Force (1x).

  • Authors: Michal Ovčáčík and Karel Susa
  • ISBN: 978-80-86637-05-1



Until the late 1950s the Ilyushin Il-10, a successor to the well-known war-time Il-2 Shturmovik attack aeroplane, was the principal mount of the attack air regiments of the Soviet, Czechoslovak, Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Romanian Air Forces.