[DMK7211] Bristol Sycamore


This set contains water slide decals, made using silk screen printing method.

This decal sheet is designed to be used with the following kits:

[SMK72-36] Bristol Type 171 Sycamore

[SMK72-37] Bristol Type 171 Sycamore

[SMK72-38] Bristol Type 171 Sycamore

[DF81472] Bristol 171 Sycamore

[DF81572] Bristol 171 Sycamore

[CMR72-146] Bristol Sycamore HC.14/HR.14/Mk.51/Mk.52


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Colour schemes included in the set:

1. Bristol Sycamore HR.14, XJ916/RESCUE, No.275 Sq. RAF, Thornaby AB, summer 1957
2. Bristol Sycamore HR.14, XG544, No.118 Sq. RAF, Aldergrove AB, Northern Ireland, 1962
3. Bristol Sycamore HC.14, XG548/6, Joint Helicopter Unit, HMS Ocean, ‘Operation Musketeer’, October 1956
4. Bristol Sycamore Mk.51, XN448/852, 723 NAS, Royal Australian Navy, HMAS Melbourne, 1964-65
5. Bristol Sycamore Mk.52, LB+105/SAR, 2. LRettVerbStff, Bundeswehr, West Germany, 1962


Instruction leaflet:

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