[DMK7210] SNCASE SE.535 Mistral


This set contains water slide decals, made using silk screen printing method.

This decal sheet is designed to be used with the following Azur-FRROM kit:

[FR0041] SNCASE SE.535 Mistral


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Colour schemes included in the set:

1. SNCASE SE.535 Mistral, No.27, 7-CO, EC 2/7 ‘Nice’, Air Base (BA) 156 Bizerte-Sidi Ahmed, Tunisia, 1959
2. SNCASE SE.535 Mistral, No.52, 5-WE, EC 3/5 ‘Comtat-Venaissin’, Air Base (BA) 115 Orange-Caritat, France, summer 1956
3. SNCASE SE.535 Mistral, No.184, 7-BE, EC 1/7, Air Base (BA) 156 Bizerte-Sidi Ahmed, Tunisia, 1960


Instruction leaflet:

DMK7210 SNCASE SE.535 Mistral_instr web