[DMK144-501] HS.748/HAL-748 ‘Andover Military’, Pt.1


This decal sheet is designed to be used with the following MARK I Models:

[MKM144120] HS.748 Andover Military ‘Europe’

[MKM144121] HS.748 Andover Military ‘Asia & Australia’

[MKM144122] HS.748/BAe.748 ‘Civil Livery’

[MKM144122L] HS.748/BAe.748 ‘Civil Livery’ [RE-RELEASE]

[MKM144130] HS.748/HAL-748 ‘VIP Service’

[MKM144131] HS.748 ‘The Budgie’

[MKM144172L] HS.748/BAe.748 ‘In Civilian Skies’


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Detailed product specification:

Colour schemes included in the set:

4x camo schemes for HS.748/HAL-748: Royal Australian AF, Republic of Korea AF, Royal Nepalese AF, Indian AF

1) HS.748 C Mk.2, No.32 Sq., RAAF, East Sale AB, Victoria, Australia, mid-1990s

2) HS.748, 257th SFS, 35th FG, ROKAF, Seoul AB, South Korea, 2017-19

3) HS.748, 11th Brigade, NAAW (Royal Nepalese AF), Tribhuvan Intl. Airport, Nepal, 1999-2009

4) HAL-748, FWTF, Indian AF, Yelahanka AFS, India, 2015