Low-res image of the decal sheet included in the publication
Two final versions of Supermarine's Type 356 - the Mk.22 and 24 - stood at the pinnacle of the propeller-driven fighter development initialized in the early1930s by the ingenious Reginald J. Mitchell. These late Mark aeroplanes, with an excellent manoeuvrability, and speed, climb and ceiling in far excess of earlier marks, truly perpetuate the whole Spitfire family.
Although too late to take part in any WW II actions the ultimate Spitfire variants equipped a number of operational, reserve and auxiliary units of the Royal Air Force and many found their way to overseas air forces - Hong Kong, Egypt, the then Southern Rhodesia, Singapore and Syria. Some of these aeroplanes were still in service as late as the mid-1950s, by which time its fighter role was taken over by other jet-powered types.
The publication has 28 pages, including a total of 25 colour and 75 b/w overall and detailed photographs, 4 pages with colour camouflage schemes and their description. The book also includes a short type history and technical data, camouflage details and the armament & equipment description. Text in English.
A comprehensive decal sheet is added for modellers' convenience. Two variants of this title are available, one including 1/48 scale decal set (MG02-48) and another with 1/72 scale decal sheet (MG02-72). Following aircraft are depicted on each decal sheet: Royal Air Force (11x), Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force (1x), Southern Rhodesian Air Force (1x), Royal Egyptian Air Force (1x) and Syrian Air Force (1x).
These two publications (with decals) replace the previous older title, 4+MG02 Spitfire Mk.22/24 (published in 2006), which won't be available from our stock in its original form any more.