Two final versions of Supermarine's Type 356 - the Mk.22 and 24s - stand at the pinnacle of the propeller driven fighter development initialized in the early 1930s by the ingenious Reginald J. Mitchell. These late Mark aeroplanes, with excellent manoeuvrability, and with speed, climb and ceiling far superior to earlier marks, truly perpetuate the whole Spitfire family.
Too late to take part in any World War II action the ultimate Spitfire variants equipped only a limited number of operational, reserve and auxiliary units of the Royal Air Force. However, many found their way to overseas air forces - Hong Kong, Egypt, Singapore, Syria and what was then Southern Rhodesia. Some of these aeroplanes were still in service as late as the mid-1950s, by which time their fighter role had been taken over by other jet-powered types.
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